DIN EN ISO 4892-1:2016 塑料.實驗室光源暴露方法.第1部分:通用指南


DIN EN ISO 4892-1:2016簡介

DIN EN ISO 4892-1:2016簡稱DIN EN ISO 4892-1。


英文名:Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General guidance (ISO 4892-1:2016)





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DIN EN ISO 4892-1:2016

DIN EN ISO 4892-1:2016適用范圍

ISO 4892-1:2016提供了與曝光方法的選擇和操作相關的信息和一般指南,在隨后的部分中進行了詳細描述。它還描述了用于將塑料暴露于實驗室光源的裝置的一般性能要求。有關性能要求的信息適用于人工加速風化或人工加速輻照裝置的生產商。

注:在ISO 4892本部分中,術語“光源”是指發射紫外線輻射、可見光輻射、紅外輻射或這些輻射類型的任何組合的輻射源。

ISO 4892-1:2016還提供了有關人工加速風化或人工加速輻照暴露數據解釋的信息。ISO 4582中給出了有關測定塑料暴露后性能變化和報告這些結果的方法的更具體信息。

ISO 4892-1:2016 provides information and general guidance relevant to the selection and operation of the methods of exposure described in detail in subsequent parts. It also describes general performance requirements for devices used for exposing plastics to laboratory light sources. Information regarding performance requirements is for producers of artificial accelerated weathering or artificial accelerated irradiation devices.

NOTE In this part of ISO 4892, the term "light source" refers to radiation sources that emit UV radiation, visible radiation, infrared radiation or any combination of these types of radiation.

ISO 4892-1:2016 also provides information on the interpretation of data from artificial accelerated weathering or artificial accelerated irradiation exposures. More specific information about methods for determining the change in the properties of plastics after exposure and reporting these results is given in ISO 4582.

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